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How to create an effective company brochure


Brochure development for any business is an important part of the marketing toolbox. Not only do they play an integral part within all your marketing collateral but a well designed and thought out brochure can become a collectable piece of information for the recipient.


The research that Royal Mail conducted upon how mail is received and how effective it is upon customer’s brand loyalty found that 69% of people have a specific place in the house where they store advertising mail such as catalogues and brochures. If this is true in the home there is not reason why this isn’t being reflected across into the office environment.


A brochure allows your client to focus entirely upon your business and your offerings, compared to any product or business advertisements in magazines or newspapers. The most important thing to remember is to make the content of your brochure interesting and informative. Below are five top tips for brochure design.


1. Know your purpose before you start

When you decide to produce a brochure, sit back and decide what your customers would want to see in your brochure. Then produce a brief for your designer, reviewing the brief before you submit it to them to get the most from the design.


2. Limit your fonts

You need three fonts for your brochure; a heading, sub heading and main body content. Ensure you use the fonts that are used in other marketing materials to keep your corporate brand consistent.


3. Consider your paper stock

Think about the finished article; if you are positioning yourself as a prestige brand, cutting corners on thin stock paper or not considering laminate will have an effect on the first impressions that you leave with a potential client.


4. Inspiring copy

Great copy is often the most undervalued element of any brochure design. Too much copy can be over powering and people will not read it, not enough copy you will look like you haven’t anything to say. Work with your designer to get the optimum level for the brochure. Remember your headlines are key – you can’t drop these in at the end.


5. Simple creative statement

Think about what you want to say and the best way to say it. If you are a consultancy firm advising businesses on processes think about including infographics as a way of showing what you do and how you add value. Try to keep things simple and clean.


I will leave you with one amazing fact that the Royal Mail found in their research that gives real food for thought –


54% of people will open a brochure that comes through the mail from a company they haven’t ordered from before, and 43% of people will interact with that company.



Source: Royal Mail MarketReach, Ethnographic Quant, Trinity McQueen, 2014 ‘Interact’ is defined as having read, kept or acted on an item.

Interaction rates are shown as a percentage of overall population rather than those who opened items.


Source: www.mailmen.co.uk



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