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How to Create an Effective Company Brochure

Brochure development for any business is an important part of the marketing toolbox. Not only do they play an integral part within all your marketing collateral but a well designed and thought out brochure can become a collectable piece of information for the recipient.


The research that Royal Mail conducted upon how mail is received and how effective it is upon customer’s brand loyalty found that 69% of people have a specific place in the house where they store advertising mail such as catalogues and brochures. If this is true in the home there is not reason why this isn’t being reflected across into the office environment.




Forget the Corporate Christmas Card

And send something that will last more than a week in the reception area.


OK before the everyone cries bah humbug, I am not anti-Christmas, nor am I anti Christmas card, but I do think we can be a little bit more imaginative when looking at sending a seasonal message to our clients and contacts.



Multi purpose presentation folders to the rescue!!

With the exhibition season fast approaching, it’s important to start getting yourselves organised. Start by looking at your marketing messages; what is it that you want to get across to your prospective clients in a clear and effective manner?



Use infographics to boost your credibility

How to create an effective flyer or leaflet for your business

Saint George flies his flag so why wouldn't you with your signage?

Here at Lime, we wanted to help you come up with new and refreshing ideas for your marketing and internal communication, so we have introduced our product of the month. We hope that it helps.


Infographics are our focus this month. Infographics are used to be an educational, entertaining, and useful tool, they "are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly".



With the on-going development of digital marketing, I often get asked whether printed materials still have a place in design and marketing. The answer is yes! Royal Mail has recently undergone 18 months of research on how mail is received and the effective it has upon customer’s brand loyalty.



Businesses invest a lot of time and money into the image of their business and how it is presented to the public and customers, across a whole spectrum of departments from a clean reception and office building right the way through to refitting a shop. With the explosion of the Internet it has also become increasingly important for businesses to have a clean and polished website and online presence through social media and other digital marketing avenues, not to mention all the SEO in the back end of the website to make sure you are found online.



Tips to less stress and
more impact

So you need a logo, or a brochure, or maybe even a simple letterhead or business card? You want it to be cheap, but at the same time you need it to be created to a high standard with impact. Being a small business you know that it is important to have an effective brand, but you also have quite a low budget to get what you need. Some people may try to create something themselves, which causes them frustration and lost time, but others outsource their design work to specialists which allows them to get more of the work done that makes them money, by focusing on their goals.


How does less stress and more time sound to you?



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