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Logos and branding
Graphic Design
Packaging Design

Graphic Design

Graphic Design is the process of visual communication.   This can take the form of virtual artwork and also the physical – graphic designers are involved in so many advertising, branding and marketing processes across the world ranging from the logo design of your favourite brand of trainers to the artwork on the latest magazine cover gracing the shelves of stores across the world… and everything in-between.  As graphic designers, we use the latest technologies to create your message in the most appealing way to communicate with your audience.

Logo & Branding

Start as you mean to go on.  The biggest companies in the world spend a lot of time looking after their logo and their brands.  The Nike swoosh is synonymous with who they are and everyone can recognise the “golden arches” of a certain fast-food chain. Your logo and your brand needs to tell people who you are what you represent and will help build your relationship with your customers.  The team at Lime Design Studio use their knowledge and expertise to guide you through the whole process from start to finish.

Packaging Design

Packaging must be appealing…. It’s often the first introduction your customer will get to your product and whilst we all say “Never judge a book by its cover” the truth is so many people do.  We work closely with you to help you showcase your products in their most appealing, impactful and enticing way.

The Lime Design Studio Process - meet and greet, quote, design on tap, creative brief, sketch, present, develop concepts, deliver, happy client - honestly, this is how it works, it looks so much prettier with the lines connecting the circles in the infographic but we kinda wanted to show you how we do things

Stand Out From The Crowd

From concept to finished product, we always add extra zest to all our blended services for our clients.
From design to copywriting and PR, creativity and fresh ideas are guaranteed. We will design, plan and deliver to a schedule that suits you.

So if you want to stand out from the crowd call us on 07557 902792 or send us an email